Classement des produits chimiques

Chemicals classification

Classement des produits chimiques

The LEREM is active with the classification of dangerous substances and mixtures.

It carries out:

» Measurements of corrosion rate on steel and aluminium (§ of ADR, Section 37, chapter III of the UN manual of tests and criteria, §2.16 of CLP; 1272/2008 regulation). It is noticed that some of our equipements are on the picture of the ECHA guideline to the application of CLP criteria (Page 190).

» Flashpoint determinations for the classification of flammable liquids (§2.2.3 of the ADR),

» Fluidity measurement (penetration test) to determine if a viscous liquid is pasty (or not) refering to the ADR (§2.3.4),

» Viscosity measurements (§2.2.3 of the ADR, ISO 2431 standard).



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The LEREM attended to Aerosol  Dispensing Forum (18th and 19th of January ...

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LEREM, Les Marches de l'Oise
100 rue Louis Blanc, 60160 MONTATAIRE
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