Electrochemical tests

The LEREM owns technical equipments and technical competences to offer contain / content compatibility studies by the way of electrochemistry. This way allows to find results more quickly than classical stability tests.


Since many years :

» Determination by amperometry if a steel packaging (or tinplate) is able to be a container for a product,

» Choosing a package for a given content: bare or lacquered tinplate (in the latter case, choosing a lacquer) using electrochemical amperometry or impedance spectroscopy tests which are quicker than conventional storage tests (at ambient temperature and with accelerated ageing at a higher temperature). This way is very useful to compare the corrosion resistance of new lacquers versus current lacquers (new BPA NI lacquers, subsitution to PAM lacquer...),

» Choosing different corrosion inhibitors with electrochemical tests suited to different container/contents pairs.



CORABIO 2016 final programme

CORABIO 2016 final programme

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