Transport de matières dangereuses

Packaging intended for the transport of dangerous goods

The LEREM is an organization which is authorized by the Ministry of Transport to approve packaging construction types, and for this purpose the LEREM carries out the tests required by the regulations :

» Drop tests,
» Hydraulic pressure tests,
» Air tightness tests,
» Stacking tests,
» Water absorption of fibreboard boxes by the Cobb method,
» Corrosion tests in accordance with the RID/ADR regulations.

The LEREM also ensures the necessary follow-up :

» Certificates renewal,
» On-site inspection of approved packaging manufacturing.

The LEREM carries out the different tests according to UN recommendations, to RID/ADR (tansport by road and rail), to IMDG (sea freight), to ADN (Inland waterway transport) and IATA (air transport).

Note :
During the last approval obtained by the Ministry of Transport (arrêté dated 05/12/2012), the field of expertise of the LEREM was spread to the cardboard boxes as simple packagings and to the cardboard boxes as outer packagings of combined packagings (as long as the internal packaging is not in plastic).



LEREM was at METPACK the 4th of May (ESSEN)

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