About us

A laboratory dedicated to metal packaging

The LEREM (Laboratoire d’Etudes et de Recherches des Emballages Métalliques – Metal Packaging Research Laboratory) was established in 1961 by S.N.F.B.M., the French Metal Packaging and Closure Manufacturers Association, and has become a non-profit-making association since 1987.

Quality assurance system

The LEREM’s quality assurance system is ISO 9001 certified (Certificat 2021 ISO 9001 AB Certification) for :

  • Carrying out approval tests on packaging intended for the transport of dangerous goods
  • Carrying out mechanical and flammability tests on aerosol generators
  • Carrying out electrochemical tests on container-content compatibility


With regard to packaging intended for the transport of dangerous goods, The LEREM’s approval was obtained for the first time in 1997, then renewed in 2007 and lastly in 2023 for five years by the French Ministry of transport to carry out tests, approve construction types and carry out in-process inspection.


The LEREM offers its services to its members and also to all companies involved in metal packaging (mainly steel and aluminium producers, food / cosmetic / industrial pakers, and the retail industry) to resolve all the problems they may face in the vast field of metal packaging and its numerous applications.

Services cover expert assessments , tests, packaging approvals for which the LEREM is equipped with a wide range of testing platforms and employs a staff exclusively composed of engineers and technicians.

The LEREM is also involved in other types of general-interest work, i.e. monitoring of technological and regulatory developments, standardization and regulatory, work, industry-focused research and development work.

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