Aerosols containers

Specific activity to aerosol containers

The LEREM has gained wide experience in the whole aerosol containers area, in particular in the following fields

Flammability tests on aerosol containers

The flammability tests on aerosol containers have been regulated in the 2007 European agreement for international transportation of dangerous goods by road which refers to the part III of the Manual of tests and criteria and since 8 April 2008 in the new Directive 2008/47/CE.

This tests are the same in the CLP and the GHS :

  • Ignition distance test for container aerosol sprays
  • Enclosed space ignition test for container aerosol sprays
  • Foam flammability test for foaming products in aerosol containers
Détermination de la distance d'inflammation

Mechanical tests on aerosol containers

These tests, in conformity with the FEA standard 621 and the Aerosol European directive 75/324/CEE, allow to determine the container pressure resistance including the  bursting pressure.

It is also possible to determine the mechanical resistance of metallic aerosol containers with valve, according to the FEA standard 623 as well.

Some connections also allow to carry out mechanical resistance tests on glass or plastic cans (aerosol containers or not).

Test de pressurisation

Filling and closing of aerosol containers

The LEREM can manage aerosol containers filling with compressed or liquified gazes for small amounts of aerosol containers.

Test de pressurisation

Plastic aerosol containers

The LEREM is able to perform the tests on platic aerosol containers following the FEA standard X8-647 (drop test at frozen and hot temperature, hot air test, on commercial container product or material resistance test).

Other example studies

  • Measurement of aerosol containers pressure at 50°C (in conformity with the maximum legally permissible pressure and with the test pressure)
  • Drop test on fibreboard boxes or inverted trays filled with aerosol containers (IATA)
  • Clinching dimension measurments (height and diameter) on standard aerosol containers
  • Liquid volume phase determination on aerosol containers